Timeless Jewellery
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Shown below is a selection of tiaras and jewellery to inspire you in your choice of design. Please click on any of the images in the gallery to view a larger version of the photo.

Like what you see? Then why not comission us to produce a bespoke piece of jewellery, bridal headwear or beautiful tiara for your special occassion. For further details on ordering and pricing, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Alicia - delicate curls of tiny silver rocailles, light reflecting Swarovski Crystals and Aquamarine Bohemian Glass create this delightful crown. 80.00
Eleanor - reminiscent of a Mediaeval style, Bohemian glass & Swarovski Crystals compliment the warm cream coloured Pearl tear-drop beads. 50.00
Laurie - a simple, modern design which would compliment any colour scheme, this tiara is accented with tiny silver rocailles and light reflecting Aurora Borealis crystals. 40.00
Sophia - this beautiful tiara is created from Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystals and Sapphire Bohemian Glass beads on twisted golden wires. 85.00
Amelia - a stunning crown of rich amethyst and pearl rocailles with soft rose, lilac and Aurora Borealis Crystals on a silver band. 65.00
Odette - wisps of ivory feathers and miniature, crystal centred, cala lilies on a golden band create this fairytale tiara accented with fronds of gold and Swarovski crystals. 45.00
Anna - a striking design of Baroque pearls, tiny rocailles and unusual Smokey Quartz Crystals make a stunning combination. 85.00
Dulcie - this simple and delightful headband, suitable for a bride or bridesmaid, combines pretty amethyst flowers, tiny pearl strands and opal coloured beads. 25.00
Rosa - tiny blush-pink and cream tea roses & silk leaves are accented with Swarovski crystals and pearls on golden stems to make a pretty alternative to a tiara. 25.00
Alicia earrings and necklace - Aurora Borealis and Aquamarine Swarovski Crystals with tiny silver rocailles frelect a rainbow of colours, a perfect match for the Alicia tiara. Earrings 12.95 - Necklace 17.95
Eleanor earrings and choker - pearl drop earrings of Aurora Borealis Crystals and a stylish gold band with pearls and crystals mirror the centre piece of the Eleanor tiara. Earrings 9.95 - Necklace 19.95
Laurie earrings and necklace - Swarovski Crystal drop earrings and a necklace cluster of Aurora Crystals and silver rocailles reflect the simplicity of the Laurie tiara. Earrings 9.95 - Necklace 15.00
Sophia earrings and necklace - Sapphire and Aurora Borealis crystals, a shining Swarovski crystal and Sapphire Bohemian Glass elegantly compliment the Sophia tiara. Earrings 11.50 - Necklace 12.95
Sarah earrings and necklace - an elegant design of warm cream pearls and Topaz Crystals accented by gold beads create a stunning set. Earrings 19.95 - Necklace 40.00
Sarah alternative - the same design, crystals and pearls but against silver wires gives a cooler colour effect. 20.95
Emma earrings and necklace - similar to Sarah jewellery with a simple pendant of cream teardrop pearl and Montana Crystals on a fine gold chain and shorter length earrings. Earrings 12.95 - Necklace 15.00
Philippa earrings and necklace - white pearls, accented with deep blue rocailles and gold beads create elegant earrings and an alternative to the traditional string of pearls. Earrings 9.95 - Necklace 40.00
Julia earrings and necklace - a glamorous design using jet black and Topaz crystals on gold create a stunning effect with elegant long drop earrings to complete the set. Earrings 22.00 - Necklace 55.00
Selina tiara and earrings - based on the same design as Eleanor and created to compliment a traditional Asian style outfit (shown with tiara). Using gold and silver coloured beads, Aqua and Aurora Borealis chrystals. Tiara 50.00 - Earrings 7.95
Nina earrings - A cluster of white pearls and tiny Aurora Borealis rocailes make up these stunning earrings which would compliment any colour theme. 35.00
Natasha necklace and earrings - A less formal design incorporating tiny shells baroque pearls and frosted glass flowers. Necklace 27.50 - Earrings 13.50